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Australian Wildlife

RRP $12.99

The world's third-largest island nation has a wide range of wildlife - there are over 450 species of mammals, 300 species of lizards, 110,000 species of insects, not to mention 800 species of bird. Eco-tourists, adventurers, and nature lovers will find Australian Wildlife to be the essential pocket-sized, folding guide to use as they travel.

This beautifully illustrated guide highlights over 140 familiar species of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. A map of prominent vegetation zones found in Australia has been included.

Laminated for durability, this guide will conveniently fit into a pocket when you want to reach for your camera or binoculars.

About the Author

Zoologist James Kavanagh has researched and written more than 450 publications pertaining to wildlife observation and outdoor recreation. His unique talent is in taking complex information and synthesizing the salient points to make knowledge about nature and the outdoors more accessible to novices, and to present quick, portable reference information for more experienced wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts.

His books have sold more than 5 million copies worldwide.


RRP $16.95

Geoff Ross is an acclaimed Australian landscape photographer. From his base in Australia, he travels around the world seeking to capture through his own eyes inspiring photographs of the world's spectacular landscapes. His New Zealand landscape books have become best sellers in their respective categories.

'Australia - A Land of Diversity' is a compact photographic coffee table book which contains 96 pages of colour images showing many notable landscapes of Australia.

The range of images is far reaching across Australia, and the book shows many of the highlights of this often harsh, but unique country. From the tropical beaches, cool high country, stunning waterfalls, fern and palm covered rainforests, to the outback deserts and gorges, Australia has something for everyone. It is a country that one can get totally immersed in, and very few people would not be impressed by its vastness, where you can easily find solitude amongst the nature of your choosing.

This is a book that will appeal to anyone who loves unspoilt natural landscapes.

Staying Safe In The Australian Bush

RRP $19.99

This comprehensive safety guide is for everyone who likes to get out of the urban area and enjoy the Australian bush. Staying Safe In the Australian Bush provides a wide range of safety information as well as practical insights, tips and ideas on what to do when safety is under threat.

Andrew Monroe has travelled extensively all over Australia, he shares his vast knowledge and experience he has gathered over many years of remote area travel.

Budget Traveling 101

RRP $16.99

Are you looking for a perfect guide that helps you save money while you travel? Does the idea of travelling to foreign lands on a budget thrill you? If you have any such queries, sit back and relax. We have got the perfect book for you that will guide you on your way to becoming a fantastic budget traveler. This book is a complete package and covers all the aspects that are related to budget travelling. The dos and don'ts, what things should be taken care of and what should be avoided. This book is the perfect answer to all your queries regarding budget travelling. Once you finish this book, you will have learned: -Important tips to keep in mind for budget travelling -How to save on food while budget travelling -How to save on accommodations while budget travelling -How to save on transportation cost while budget travelling -What should be avoided during budget travelling -How to make money while budget travelling At the beginning and end of this book you will also read two of the authors personal budget travelling stories, so that you can be confident the information being shared actually works. Stop wasting your money while you travel. Learn to save money, so that you can see more and stay on the road longer! DOWNLOAD:: "Budget Traveling 101" now

A Souvenir Of Hobart Australia

RRP $9.95

A Souvenir of Hobart is part of a series that pays tribute to the beauty and diversity of Australia, the States and their capital cities. Take a journey to Tasmania and discover Hobarts heritage, the city today, Hobarts waterfront, Salamanca Place, the history of the citys buildings, Battery Point, Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, Mount Wellington, Wellington Park, Richmond, Port Arthur, Mount Field National Park, Tahune Forest Reserve and Bonorong Wildlife Park through engaging text and full-colour images.


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Adelaide Australia Australian Travel Australia
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